The Powers Law Firm is your partner and counsel, here to help you with any of your Indianapolis family law needs.


Why Choose The Powers Law Firm?

The primary goals for our firm include minimizing client stress, aggressively pushing for the desired outcome, and resolving the situation  in the most effective and efficient way. Although each client is unique, my personal history has broadened my understanding of what my clients are experiencing. Coming from a divorced home and personally going through a divorce have provided the tools to relate with clients on a deeper emotional level. Please contact me to discuss your current family law legal issue and through your initial, free, in person consultation we can determine if this will be a good partnership.



How can The Powers Law Firm help me?

The Powers Law Firm can help with a wide range of issues affecting your family including but not limited to: Legal Separation, Divorce, Paternity, Child Custody, Parenting Time, Child Support, Modifications, Emancipation, and Grandparent Rights. For more information on each area please click this link: Indianapolis Family Law › Practice Areas.

How do I contact The Powers Law Firm to discuss my family law issue?

You can contact The Powers Law Firm by posting to our website using the link below, by phone (765) 444-9LAW, by email, or stop by the office and introduce yourself to our staff. We are here to help!

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